Quality Inspection in China – 5 Different Ways Your Factory Can Help

When you’re an importer and manufacturer, it’s your job to make sure that your product is up to snuff before it hits the market. However, quality inspection in China can be difficult because many of the parts or products may not be familiar with local markets and how they operate. That’s where an inspection company in China comes in. Here are five different ways your factory can help you with quality inspection in China and beyond.

1) We are all about quality

One of our core values is quality and transparency. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that quality inspection in China is important, especially when you are working with suppliers from different parts of China. Using a local third-party inspection company may cost more than internal inspections, but it helps ensure your products get made properly and shipped on time. This is a huge advantage for foreign businesses seeking to optimize their supply chain and meet stringent industry deadlines. Plus, using a local inspection company offers many other benefits including: easy access to market information, personal relationships with government officials, a more accurate understanding of Chinese culture, and more insight into what customers want from Chinese manufacturers.

2) Third party inspections

Third party inspections are a good place to start when seeking quality control in China. These can be conducted by internal or external companies. What does that mean? An internal inspection is often done by a product development team, customer service rep, or other department within your company that has nothing to do with production. Think of these as first line of defense to identify problems early on before they make it into full-blown production models and products. On average an internal inspection will cost around $100 per product sample if you’re looking for something quick and dirty. If you want something more extensive (i.e., hours of time), plan on spending between $300-$500 per hour depending on where you’re located.

3) Factory Audits

After you’ve been using a supplier for a while, it’s a good idea to have an inspection company come out and do an audit. There are multiple reasons why you should have your supplier factory audited. In short, audits help ensure that your product quality is consistently high and keep buyers informed about issues within their supply chain. On top of that, they can also give small suppliers who might not have internal quality-control procedures confidence knowing that one of their buyers trusts them enough to verify whether or not everything is being done right. As such, audits can help avoid problems before they arise, which means both parties can focus on getting orders out instead of dealing with costly mistakes down the line. 

4) Sample Testing

Quality inspections are not just necessary to ensure your finished product is up to standards; they also play a vital role throughout your product development process. By setting up an inspection schedule with your supplier at key points throughout development, you can be certain that any issues will be caught before it’s too late. Before beginning production, have a sample unit made and tested by a professional inspection company in China to make sure everything is going smoothly, including mold design, material quality and production quality. You can also get help from us for spot checking during mass production processes.

5) Our software prevents defects before they happen

If you want to make sure that your product isn’t defective, you should hire a third-party inspection company. An inspection team will go to your production facility and examine different stages of your assembly line. They’ll check everything from molding to packaging, ensuring that quality checks are built into each step of production. Another advantage of working with an independent inspector is that their findings can be used as leverage when dealing with vendors—if a vendor produces faulty goods or misses deadlines, an inspector’s report can be used to get them to fix it.