These Lifestyle Factors Can Affect Your Health Insurance Premium

Your health insurance provider will not like it if you have been working long hours, leading a sedentary lifestyle, abusing alcohol and tobacco, etc. They may charge you a higher premium than others or even deny your application for a Mediclaim policy for your family. The health insurance provider will decide whether to accept your application for health insurance and at what price based on several lifestyle factors. This article will explain these lifestyle factors and what you can do to change them so that they don’t hurt the cost of your health insurance. Use a health insurance app in India to check your insurance online. *

Influence Of Lifestyle Factors On Indian Health Insurance Plans

  1. BMI And Sedentary Lifestyle

When evaluating your application for health insurance, the insurance provider will determine whether you lead an active or passive lifestyle. Any physical activity, including walking, running, weightlifting, cardio, yoga, functional training, sports, dancing, or any other physical activity, counts as part of an active lifestyle. On the other hand, the insurance provider might charge you a higher premium than other applicants if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle while they are considering your health insurance application.

a. If all other factors remain the same, the insurance company may charge the standard premium as it does for other applicants up to a specific range.

b. BMI greater than average; the insurance provider may charge a higher premium than other applicants.*

  1. Bad Habits 

For smokers and non-smokers, almost all insurance companies charge different premiums. You should, therefore, expect to pay a higher premium for your health insurance policy for your family if you smoke.*

  1. Occupation

Your line of work may influence your health insurance premium. People employed by businesses like banks, IT firms, retail stores, etc., are classified as legal risks and subject to standard premiums, for example.*

  1. Pre-Existing Diseases

Your health insurance plan premium will be negatively impacted if you have a pre-existing condition or disease. You may have to spend slightly more money than other people. Additionally, a waiting period may be 1 to 4 years before you can submit any claims to treat pre-existing conditions.*

  1. Family Medical Background

The insurance provider may view your case as riskier than typical cases if there is a family history of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. In this situation, you can only live a healthy lifestyle to avoid contracting any illnesses in your family.*

  1. Geographical Location

The premium you must pay may vary depending on where you stay. For instance, there is a lot of pollution in the Delhi, NCR, etc. region, especially in the winter. Respiratory illnesses are a risk for those who live there. More significant metropolitan areas and Tier I cities have higher healthcare costs than Tier II and III cities.*

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