When should I claim compensation for a dog bite?

A dog is considered a friendly animal and most people enjoy spending time around animals to ease their mental stress and feel happy. However, some people prefer staying away from animals of any kind due to fear or some other reasons. In addition, not all dog breeds are considered friendly, there are a few that have an aggressive and attacking nature, and people prefer not petting them at home. It becomes easier for a dog lover to adjust and feel comfortable around even a stranger dog. But, few can panic or start fidgeting when they’re around dogs. If you have suffered a dog bite due to the pet owner’s irresponsible attitude, you can file a compensation with the help of a Rochester personal injury lawyer if you are in the following case scenarios:

  • If the owner did not inform you about dogs on their property 

It is the responsibility of every pet owner to inform visitors about their pets and their aggression. This helps in preparing the guests or informing them about their fears, and accordingly, the pet owner can take control of their pet. However, if you weren’t informed about a dog on their premises and it bit you can file a compensation case.

  • If you weren’t teasing the animal

Sometimes a dog gets aggressive because of your behavior towards them. For instance, if they don’t like being caressed, and you are forcefully trying to play with them, it may irritate them, and in return, they can bite you. However, if this was not the case, you can file for a compensation claim from the pet owner.

  • If you informed them before your visit about your fear of dogs

People who love their pets are very sensitive about them. They treat them as a family member and tying becomes a questionable action. Consequently, if you have informed the pet owner about your fear and still chose to not keep their dog in control, resulting in a dog bite, it becomes a matter of personal injury and you can claim compensation.  

  • If you suffered severe injuries

A dog bite can cause severe injuries and even lead to rabies if the dog was not vaccinated. Thus, medically, recovering from these damages can be an expensive affair and you can get compensation from the pet owner to deal with such a financial burden.

A dog for a pet lover is always a member of the family but it’s an animal that cannot speak and express its feelings clearly. And this may result in people misreading their actions and getting bit due to their irresponsible gestures. Thus, if you are not fond of animals or pet dogs or have never handled them in the past, then you should avoid teasing or disturbing them. On the other hand, if you were kept vague about a pet on any property you are visiting and your mistake didn’t lead to personal injury, then you have all the right to file compensation for the physical and monetary damages done to you.